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Solutions Guide

These Lift Truck Solutions And Tips have been generated to guide customers on issues of material handling, productivity, forklift performance, and industry best practices for ALL lift truck brands.
(Provided by: Cat Lift Trucks and Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks)


Avoid Lift Truck Abuse
Whether you've acquired a new fleet of lift trucks or have had them for some time, these tips will help you ensure trucks provide a high rate of return.

Electric Versus Internal Combustion
Learn when to choose an electric versus an internal combustion lift truck. Knowing the typical applications and comparisons for each can save your company money.

Effective Fleet Management
Discover how to improve equipment utilization and lower your cost of ownership with effective fleet management.

Industry-Leading Finance Options
Whether you lease or purchase your Cat® lift truck, financial merchandising can be used to structure the acquisition to help you receive the greatest financial benefit. Find the financing option that best fits your needs.

The Best Maintenance Program For Your Business
Choosing the right service plan can help you maximize your capital return and help prevent the potential of equipment failure from lack of maintenance. Determine the different service options unique for your business.

Reduce repairs with daily inspections. A step by step guide on what to look for on your forklift's front end to keep minor fixes from becoming major repairs.
Create your own checklist. Ideas on how to create a valuable checklist for daily operator inspections and develop a system to keep you running strong.

Tips to improve material handling efficiency. Clear cut ideas taken from the pro's on low cost ways to get the most out of crews, equipment and warehouse space.
Cut forklift travel time. To cut into the 50-60% time wasted in most material handling facilities, here are some recommendations on layout, space utilization and product positioning.
Take a fresh look at order fulfillment. Alternatives to the standard perpendicular rack lines in warehouses could mean fewer trips, saved time and increased productivity.
Make your warehouse more productive. Several best practices compiled to help upgrade efficiency from a manager's perspective.

Choosing Equipment
Select the right truck for load outs. An overview of several critical factors to consider when choosing a forklift.
Pick the right tire. Choose the right truck. The right tires are just one issue to consider when selecting a forklift for your application. Speed, fuel economy, visibility and operator comfort all factor into the right decision.
Consider the fast charge option. Fast charging has become a popular alternative for electric forklifts and may make sense for you.
Learn the benefits of renting. Forklift rental can provide additional flexibility, improved operating productivity and cost savings when the right equipment is selected and the right lease is in place.
Choose Your Tires Believe it or not, there is a "right tire" for each specific truck and application. Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks and Promatch® provide a guide for selecting tires, including one that will work for the way you roll.

Operate at peak performance. Seven handy tips to help make sure your forklift performs reliably year after year.