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Maintenance Service Plans

Need Help in Choosing the Right Maintenance Service Plan? Choosing the right service plan helps maximize return on your capital and hedge against the potential of equipment failure.

Your First Planned Maintenance (PM) Free!
This is our customer guarantee: Every new Cat lift truck gets its first planned maintenance completed by Atlantic Lift, free of charge. Contact us and get the details.

Atlantic Lift Truck is dedicated to finding the right quality maintenance plan to fit customer’s needs, schedules and our budget.

Proper Maintenance Assures Top Performance.

Planned Maintenance (PM) Program
To ensure your lift truck will perform right, every time you need it, Atlantic Lift provides a customized plan for on-site, scheduled maintenance services, to include fluid level and lubricant checks as well as regular equipment inspections, at a pre-determined cost. Your operation will be evaluated, including the number of hours your lift trucks run, the type of environments they are running in and more, in order to develop a maintenance schedule designed to meet your specific needs.

Ask about details for our

Total Maintenance And Repair (TM&R) Program
This program is planned maintenance PLUS all designated repairs for one fixed monthly rate, allowing customers to budget for the operating costs associated with your lift trucks. Additional benefits include more time for business, maximized uptime and unparalleled service with scheduled maintenance. Atlantic Lift will work with you to customize a TM&R program designed to meet the specific demands of your operation. Whether you're running your lift trucks in a challenging industrial environment or in a clean warehouse, a program will be designed to keep your lift trucks operating at peak performance.

For additional details on the PM and TM&R Programs, contact us or call 410.644.7777.