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Four Elements of a Workplace Safety Program

Element #1 Management Leadership and Employee Involvement

  • Employer and employee involvement and communication on workplace-safety and health issues are essential
  • Post the entity’s written safety and health policy for all to see.
  • Involve employees in policy making on safety and health issues.
  • Take an active part in safety activities.

Element #2 Workplace Analysis

  • Analyze all workplace conditions to identify and eliminate existing or potential hazards.
  • Perform analysis on a regular and timely basis.
  • Make certain all employees know and understand current hazard analysis for all jobs and processes.
  • Focus workplace design on all physical aspects of the work environment, including the following:
    • Size and arrangement of work space
    • Physical demands of the tasks to be performed
    • Design of tools and other devises people use
    • The fundamental goal of workplace design is to improve people’s ability to be productive, without error or accident, for extended time periods. Proper workplace design improves both safety and productivity.

Element #3 Hazard Prevention and Control

  • Regularly and thoroughly maintain equipment and vehicles.
  • Ensure that employees know how to use and maintain personal protective equipment.
  • Train employees in proper procedures for handling specific situations.

Element #4 Safety and Health Training and Education

  • It is important that everyone in the workplace be properly trained:
    • Managers and supervisors
    • Outside contractors
    • Part-time and temporary employees and volunteers
  • Allow only properly authorized and instructed employees to do any job.
  • Make sure no employees do any job that appears unsafe.
  • Hold emergency-preparedness drills for employees.
  • Pay particular attention to employees learning new operations to make sure they have the proper job skills and awareness of hazards.
  • Train supervisors and managers to recognize hazards and understand their responsibilities.


1-800-321-OSHA (6742)
U.S. Department of Labor
Occupational Safety & Health Administration
200 Constitution Avenue
Washington, D.C. 20210
OSHA State Plans
There are 26 states and territories operating state OSHA plans covering state and local government employees.