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Industrial Batteries and Chargers

'Stay Current: Industrial Battery Safety'
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Contact us to provide you with a new, rental or used Crown or Deka quality branded battery or an Infinity Battery Charger.

Atlantic Lift is committed to meet ALL your electric lift truck power needs and provide you with top-rated quality products, comprehensive manufacturers’ warranties and superior product support for your battery products and services.

Batteries, Battery Accessories

Crown Batteries
Crown Battery offers a full line of lead acid batteries, for all makes and models of industrial lift trucks and all other types of battery powered industrial equipment. Crown can custom design your battery per your requirements and specifications. Whatever the application: Standard, Opportunity Charge, Opportunity Fast Charge and H2Go Less Maintenance Solutions make Crown Batteries, The Power Behind Performance.

DEKA Batteries
East Penn Manufacturing Co., recognized as a world leader of the highest quality and most innovative lead-acid battery technology, manufacturers thousands of different types of batteries, as well as a full line of battery accessory products for the industrial, automotive, commercial, marine, stationary and specialty markets.

Industrial Power Chargers
Atlantic Lift has many models available of new and used battery chargers, in single or three phase, all AC voltage.
Infinity High Frequency Battery Charger
Eliminate the need to change batteries between shifts with an Infinity Opportunity Charger. Save space, time & money. Infinity Chargers feature state-of-the-art advanced switch mode circuitry, providing a nearly perfect DC output waveform, resulting in less AC current flowing into the battery. Contact us for an application review to see if this High Frequency Battery Charger will work in your application.

Battery Handling Equipment
We can supply what you need: new or used battery handling equipment. Contact us to supply your facility for battery service stations, handling beams, battery transporters, and battery pullers.

Battery Room Parts and Accessories
To comply with OSHA Regulations (1910.178 G Facilities must have means to neutralize spilled acid), ask about our safe, convenient and easy way to contain, absorb and neutralize acid spills in your battery room or lift truck charging station. In addition to industrial steel-cased forklift batteries, Atlantic Lift also carries commercial batteries for aerial lift, personnel carriers and pallet jack applications.