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Our Environmental Pledge

Atlantic Lift Truck is committed to a policy that protects and enhances the environment we work in and the safety of our workplace, our employees, our customers, and the mid-Atlantic communities we serve.

Did you know?
Atlantic Lift is the first material handling dealer in the mid-Atlantic region to utilize state-of-the-art recycled used-oil heating control system to heat the Atlantic Lift headquarters facility (this system is designed to generate FREE HEAT from motor oils and petroleum based fluids commonly used in all types of internal combustion engines.

We believe environmental stewardship must be shared, not only by the companies that manufacture products, but by those who use these products as well.

We want to do our part and we pledge to:

  • Ensure comprehensive employee health and safety: OSHA and health programs are monitored by a full-time professional on our staff.
  • Preserve our environment in our own workspace
  • Provide customer support service to recycle and responsibly discard
  • Represent manufacturers that are committed to environmental stewardship, including:
    Cat Lift Truck and Mitsubishi Forklift Truck systems feature PurePOWER™ engines that already exceed 2010 emissions level compliant regulations. In fact, PurePOWER™ engines produce less than 30% of the smog-forming emissions allowed by the 2010 standards and engineering development continues for the upcoming release of 2013 Tier 4 fully-compliant engines.
    DEKA and Douglas Industrial Batteries are committed to the highest environmental standards through their company-wide dedication to environmental health and safety and serve as models for the lead-acid battery recycling industry.