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Atlantic Lift Truck History

"1947 restored Towmotor, the forerunner of CAT Lift Truck in the Atlantic Lift Showroom”

Towmotor Motor Heritage

1959 Atlantic Lift Truck dates its corporate heritage and lineage back to 1959 when the Towmotor Corporation first opened its doors in Baltimore. Today, Atlantic Lift occupies the same location and building that was subsequently built in 1962 as the new factory service branch for Towmotor Corp.

1965 Towmotor Corporation is sold to Caterpillar Tractor Co. and the site on Whittington Avenue now becomes the headquarters of the Maryland regional Cat Lift Truck Dealer. The company was sold in 1972 to James C. Alban, III, of Alban Tractor (the authorized full-line Caterpillar dealer) who formed Alban Lift Truck, headquartered from this same address. Strongly associated with the Caterpillar® heritage of earth-moving and heavy construction equipment, Alban continues to successfully provide Caterpillar Lift Trucks as the most durable products in the region backed by industry-leading customer service and support.

1995 Glenn R. Baer, General Manager of Alban Lift Truck, creates a new ownership team and buys the company from James C. Alban, Jr. The company is renamed, Atlantic Lift Truck, Inc. Many employees have continued to serve this company through the 25 years of changes and continue to support the long history of commitment to excellence, strong customer service and support that have always been trademarks of Cat Lift Trucks.

2009 Atlantic Lift Truck, Inc. is the authorized dealer for CAT Lift Trucks, MITSUBISHI Forklift Trucks, ROYAL, WIGGINS and celebrates 50 years of history this year serving customers in the mid-Atlantic region covering Maryland, Delaware, D.C. Northern Virginia and West Virginia.